Installation considerations

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  • Installation considerations


Processes included in work of system bathroom (dry) construction

  • Fill in the sewer drain sleeve gaps
  • Water supply, water-heater piping construction inside system bathroom. (Standard of 300mm from finishing surface of wall tile, basic piping "-type" on washbasin side)
  • Install ventilation fan & back wind preventing damper and connect flexible ducts (only when applicable - optional)
  • lighting, outlet, internal parts for ventilation fan (Main connection by the owner)
  • Defect AS: 3 years for main body (floor, walls, ceiling panel), one year for internal parts

Processes not included in system bathroom (dry) construction

  • Reference inking line
  • SLEEVE installation (but, drainage trap & sewer drain gap filling are included in DBR process)
  • Breaking concrete if opening accuracy error is more than 20mm
  • Electrical wiring from the System bath to the main line
  • Plumbing connections of tap & hot water supply to the main plumbing
  • (sewer drainage plumbing is done with straight PVC 400mm pipes.)
  • Duct & connection process of ceiling outside the opening of ventilation
  • Exterior of the System bathroom • Door, door frame & sill are optional.

Supplied by owner free of charge

  • Mortar or sand for adjusting horizontal level of the System bathroom, cement, bricks and on-site power supply Water & transportation equipment and driver to bring in the System bathroom
  • on-site storage & resident for on-site staff (if applicable)