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A Message from the CEO of

Daelim Batos.

Changing your bathroom! Daelim Batos.

Convenience and beauty in its minds, Daelim Batos leads the way in Unit Bathroom System of the 21st century.

Daelim Batos Unit Bathroom System breaks away from the conventional wet construction method and lets you experience simple and standardized construction. It is a speedy, cost-saving and completely water tight way of building bathrooms. From ordinary apartments to hotels, condominiums, studio apartments, cruise ships, and dormitories, the applications for Unit Bathroom System are virtually limitless.

  • We make use of eco-friendly products
    to do our part in sustaining the environment.

    Daelim Batos eco-friendly products minimize
    the risk of sick house syndrome that
    endangers the residents.

  • Moreover, its high efficiency toilets
    and water saving faucets allow the
    residents to cut down on their living
    costs while sustaining the environment.

    We will become the leader in next generation
    unit bathrooms, always putting customer
    satisfaction first."

  • We strive to become No.1 Professional Unit
    Bathroom System Company.

    Daelim Batos believes that it will be able
    to create new markets through relentless
    R&D and pursuit for technological
    advancement and quality.

We promise to maximize customer satisfaction by getting the most of our 20 year experience.
Armed with technology and know-how, we promise to challenge the future and lead the way for the Unit Bathroom System industry.  

Thank you for your continuous interest and encouragement.

  • Daelim Batos CEO
  • Daelim Batos CEO