Comparison of bathroom construction types
(System Bathroom and Conventional Bathroom)

System bathroom (dry) procedures
NO. Construction Procedure and works
1 DBR Install floor waterproof plate
2 DBR Install wall plate (include electricity & equipment water suppl
3 DBR Install ceiling plate
4 Interior PVC foam door frame installation work
5 Plumbing Install sewer, drain pipes
6 Plumbing water supply, drainage, piping, hydrostatic tests
7 Plumbing Bathroom masonry & curing (or lightweight partition)
8 Others Install fire damper
9 Electrical electricity panel construction
10 Door Install DOOR
11 DBR Install bathtub
12 DBR Install sink
13 DBR Install toilet
14 DBR Install faucet and accessories
15 DBR Install socket
16 DBR Install bathroom lamps
17 Cleaning Cleaning
Total 8 constructions 17 procedures,
5 constructions,
1 electrical, 9 dry process
Conventional bathroom (wet) procedures
NO. type Construction Procedure and works
1 Architecture Internal Install door frame
2 Electricity Electricity Electric wiring
3 Plumbing Plumbing Ceiling drain piping
4 Architecture Masonry Bathtub masonry & curing period
5 Architecture Misc. Install fire damper
6 Architecture Misc. Install marble SILL
7 Plumbing Plumbing Facility water supply piping
8 Plumbing Plumbing Water supply piping water pressure test
9 Electricity Electricity Electric wiring
10 Electricity Misc. cleaning & waste disposal directly/ door frame adjustment
11 Architecture Waterproofing Finishing works on waterproof boards & cleaning
12 Architecture Waterproofing Liquid waterproof 1 and curing
13 Architecture Waterproofing Liquid waterproof 2 and curing
14 Architecture Waterproofing Waterproofing with polyurethane on corner areas and curing
15 Architecture Misc. 2 cleaning & waste disposal directly/ door frame adjustment
16 Architecture Misc. Freshwater test (freshwater & drainage)
17 Architecture Site management Leak checks - staff
18 Architecture Plasterwork Rough inner wall plastering
19 Architecture Plasterwork Bathtub installation and curing
20 Architecture Tile Plasterwork wall/limited to once if patched
21 Architecture Tile Pressure-attach wall tile /calculate for additional procedure f
22 Plumbing Plumbing Drainage water pressure and acoustic insulation
23 Architecture Interior Bathroom ceiling installation (include access port)
24 Architecture Marble Floor mortar procedure and curing
25 Architecture Marble Floor mortar procedure and curing
26 Architecture Marble Installing joints to wall and floor tile
27 Architecture Marble Installing sink
28 Architecture wallpaper Wallpaper to bathroom ceiling
29 Architecture Fixture Install bathroom towel rack
30 Architecture Glass Install bathroom mirror
31 Plumbing Plumbing Installing toilet
32 Plumbing Plumbing Install faucet and accessories
33 Electricity Electricity Attach plugs
34 Lighting Lighting Install bathroom lamps
35 Architecture Internal Install DOOR
36 Architecture Misc. Install bathroom grille
37 Architecture Corking Corking works on corners, door frames, bathtub and sink area
38 Architecture Misc. 3 cleaning & waste disposal directly/ door frame adjustment
39 Architecture Cleaning Cleaning vendor works
Total 17procedures 39 procedures + additional direct
misc. works
Architecture : 23,
Electricity : 4,
Facility: 6,
Dry method : 6

Conventional wet bathroom

schedule (days)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Masonry wall construction 2days
Floor and wall waterproofing work 3days
Installation work of bath 1day
Tile wall construction 1day
Ceiling construction 1day
Floor tiles construction 1day
Sanitary equipment installation construction 1day
Curing and finishing 1day
Total construction period 11days

System bathroom (dry)

Construction, (days) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Delivery of product 1day
Assembly and installing 1day
Bath and sanitary equipment installation 1day
Total construction period 3days