System Bathroom(dry) vs Conventional Wet Bathroom

Type Dry System Bathrooms Conventional Wet Bathrooms
Constructability - Pre-fabricated & on-site assembly
- Easier on-site control due to less staffing
- Unaffected by weather (winter, rainy   season   installation unaffected)
- Shorter process & easier transportation due to   weight reduction
- No need for curing time
- Many defects due to complex construction
- Various occurrences
- Complicated on-site staff control due to
  redundant staff placements for each process
- Unable to work during the winter
- Tile grouting may damage the waterproof layer
- Each process requires preparations and long
  curing time
Material - No supply disruptions due to centralized
  production of pre-fabrications insulation
  between units
- No waterproofing necessary for slabs, retaining
  wall or masonry finish
- Requires various materials such as tiles,
  cement and sand
- More loss due to difficult material control in
  largescale construction
- Prone to material shortage due to numerous
  material supplies
- Disadvantageous in transportation and storage
Defect control - Less defects and low maintenance
- Easy defect control due to construction and
  maintenance by the same company
- Absolutely no water leak by using waterproof
- Frequent waterproof defects due to numerous
- Wall & floor tile deviations
- Complicated defect maintenance process
- Over budget of repair cost
- Numerous related damages caused by defects
  or poor workmanship of other process
- Water puddle due to poor floor gradient
Quality control - Better quality & shorter process due to planned
  construction process & manufacturing
- On-site precision construction possible through
  expert quality control of workmanship and parts
  prevention due to space between side wall and
  wall panel
- Hard to identify leak & its location due to liquid
  insulation method
- Polyurethane reinforcement required to
  waterproof corners
- Fresh water testing required (not possible in the
- Hard to have uniform quality due to changes in
  labor shortage, wage increase, workmanship
  and supervision fidelity
Standardization - Complete standardization with each UNIT - Impossible to standardize due to multiple
  construction processes
Misc - Some specification limitations due to
- Uniform quality control applied
- Environment-friendly due to less waste
- Better seismic design of less weight
  (approx. 300kg )
- Relatively diverse color & design choices
- Ambiguous responsibility in case of defects and
- Broad range for re-construction
- Heavy (Approx. 1,600kg)